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Timehop (Blog quickie).

I have decided now n again to do quick little blogs on mostly not too serious ‘cultural’ topics and they will go under the sub banner ‘blog quickies’.

(those longer blogs promised/hinted at by me on the subjects of rock nights in clubs/movie/video games may still be for coming in the future btw).

Anyway today’s blog quickie is on the Facebook app ‘Timehop’ . It is an app (as far as I can tell) that every time you use it, it randomly picks one off your past posts and gives you the option to display it on Facebook for the purposes of reminiscing.

…And it is one of the most self indulgent, sad things I have seen in a long time. I will explain why.

First however let me give you a example of a good use of time hop…

I have a lot of Facebook friends, many I don’t see anymore (old  work colleagues etc) , one of my Facebook friends has an adorable  6 six year old daughter and she sometimes put pics of herself with daughter on Facebook,  Using time hop she posted a picture of her daughter age Three at the Nursery and commented how time went so fast and the child was about to go to ‘big Nursery’.

You could see in the pic the the child was much younger and how she had grown and it gave a real sense of the passing of time,… in my opinion it had value.

Now here are a couple of examples of what I mean by self indulgence and why…

A girl I know on Facebook put a Timehop post from when she started her job three years ago, a ”fantastic, got the job I went to the interview for” type post and then said some throw away comment.

Worse again…

A lad I know on Facebook posted a Timehop post of a time (a couple of years ago) he had drank too much vodka and puked up a kebab.

Why are these posts self indulgent..? (perhaps the girl I mentioned far less than the lad but….) If you want to post anything about your life as it is now great it has significance to now and that is what Facebook is all about and if you genuinely want to reminisce in a post that’s fine too but don’t just do it as it popped up when you used Timehop. Especially if it is just about you getting drunk with a couple of mates and ‘hoying’ up or that you happen have the same job after three years (yawn lol) and are ONLY mentioning due to time hop.

You are not that interesting and you are not that important and you come across as a self centred boring wanker.

Who’s with me ;O)TimeHop-See-What-you-Did-A-year-Ago-Today