Keep up the good work ED and SHAME ON YOU DAVID.

A while back in my little blog I made a post about how disappointed with the Labour party and such I was (the post went by the name of ‘unlike music’ reading it now its seems a little goofy but it came from the heart) well things are now taking a turn for the better so it is only fair I blog that as well.

Ed Milliband and Ed Balls though speeches at the Labour party conference have announced extra child care for parents (and no singling out single parents of course ala Tory polices), the sacking of ATOS (a good start but more must be done to take social security back from corporate claws – more on that another blog perhaps), outlawing zero hours contracts (FANTASTIC!) and the one the right wing press (and the Idiots who read and believe them) are winging about – energy bill prices freezes for 3 years (again fantastic).

Some points on the prices freezes :

The energy companies have threatened BLACKOUTS if there prices are frozen and that they will stick up prices to compensate for any freeze soon anyway. So basically what ever happens they wont be lose out on the excessive profits  they make though there annual price hikes (usually just before winter). Never mind if families get even poorer and few OAP’s freeze. NASTY STUFF, that’s who we dealing with here, so remember that if you hear anyone sticking up for the energy companies.

You will here lots of swivel eyed right wing loons going on about how market competition and not prices freezes are  the way to fairer prices. Oblivious to the fact we do not have a competitive energy market we have 6 large corporations (and less choice in many places for many people) setting prices artificially high like a cartel, these people only started to hark on about the wonders of market competition when Ed suggested the price freeze, the energy companies have quite frankly been taking the piss for years and people know it, people are effected badly by this right now and Ed’s price freeze promise helps people now.

Yes market competition can help create fair pricing but it takes time to implement and most people shouting it phrases seems to have no suggestions on how to make it happen, one of the people I refer to is the PM (see below).

It is also worth noting David Cameron said recently  he wants make energy pricing fairer though competition but WITHOUT SO MUCH AS HINT OF AN IDEA  of how he would do this and only after Ed’s price freeze pledge (Cameron does not care how much energy companies charge and would do nothing to stop there greedy practices – he is a Tory, mark my words).

So well done Ed now we needs these pledges in a written Manifesto but we are on the right track.

Finally the Tories announced today that if you are unemployed for 9 months (if the time scales in the metro newspaper are to be believed) you will have to do community work or report to the Job Centre everyday to prove you are looking for work (with no extra travel costs one must assume and even though the fortnightly visit is meant to document your daily activity).

9 MONTHS IS NOT LONG TERM UNEMPLOYED! not in this day and age. I was between jobs for 10 months before my present job meaning I would have been affected by this, I could in the future , many will.

Of course you average Daily Mail reader will swallow this up but for the rest of us not in cloud right wing land it smacks more of community service than voluntary community work, It treats unemployed people like criminals. SHAME ON YOU DAVID CAMERON, SHAME ON YOU TORIES, YOU RIGHT WING SCUM.